Analysis of Codex Alexandrinus
with supplementary data from minuscule 669

On these pages we will examine the use of Κεφαλαια and Τιτλοι as well as the Eusebian Canon. We will also be looking at scribal errors and corrections. For the purpose of illustration we will be seeing examples from A (02) Alexandrinus and minuscule 669. The examination will progress step by step with clear examples along the way.
We shall be using the Gospel of Mark as our example with a look at other gospels as necessary.

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Thanks must go to Stephen C. Carlson, Phlox Pyros, Roger Pearse and Buster Daily. It is with their help that I learned much of the above. Also thanks must go to Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts and Daniel B. Wallace for their kind permission to use the images on this page.